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I've always dreamed of owning a gift store

but thought it was only that... just a dream.

To my great surprise that dream has become a reality! I owe this reality to my special intercessor in heaven...my mom!

My mom passed away when I was just out of my teenage years. Some years after, I realized she was sending me blue butterflies at significant times in my life. When it really became apparent to me that this was no coincidence I took it to prayer and realized it would be the name of my boutique one day. Still never thinking it would really come to fruition, I decided to google the name to see if it was available just out of curiosity. To my surprise a site came up called The Blue Butterfly Pancreatic Cancer Fund which is what my mother died of! Another confirmation that she was sending the butterflies. A few years later that dream became a reality and I am loving every minute of it! It is such a comfort knowing that she is with me and praying for everything I do here on this earth until we meet again in heaven. If you've lost someone always remember they are still with us only just in a different way. Heaven isn't so far away!

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